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Client Testimonials

The Self-Esteem and Confidence Workbook was a needed ‘MOT’.  It helped me to acknowledge areas of strength, areas that still need to be worked on, and more importantly the realisation that I cannot keep avoiding the need to set goals.  At the end of the session, I felt liberated to tackle issues that I had put off for quite a while. I would recommend the workshop to other women.

Margaret M ~ Workshop Attendee

I was totally inspired by this workshop. The areas addressed in the presentation and the workbook really allowed me to identify areas in my life that I need to work on, in light of how I see myself as a woman. One important gem that was mentioned by Jenny, “Don’t hide your scars” resonated so much with me and  will become my mantra. I’m so glad that I decided to attend this workshop.

Alison R ~ Workshop Attendee

Thanks for the invite to attend your wor­kshop. It was a great experience learning your story and your passion to stage your workshops. Congr­atulations for making your dream become a reality.

It was wonderful mee­ting the other atten­dees and finding out about the work they had accomplished, listening to the chal­lenges they had iden­tified, their fears and how they had eit­her overcome them or were working their way through to doi­ng so. We all have our weaknesses and th­ere is a strength and important purpose in joining forces to help each other thr­ough what for some can be a hill to clim­b. There is power in collectively reachi­ng a destination for professional or per­sonal reasons.

Your style of delive­ry is all embracing. You have clearly re­searched your subject and you made every­one, well, let me ta­lk solely about me, feel very warm and welcome.

Chrystal Rose ~ Workshop Attendee

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