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8 Reasons Why Your Life Matters

Every so often I download free E-books from Amazon and a few months ago I downloaded a book by John Herrick called "8 Reasons your Life Matters"

Life can be a roller coaster sometimes and during those times we wonder if our life matters or if we are making a positive impact on those around us. Don't let that roller coaster ride fool you because it is during those times that we can impact people for good the most. People can draw strength when they see us climb the mountains that we face. Our courage encourages them to keep pressing.

I just want to tell you YES your life does matter and reading this book will show you why. The chapter headings are:

1. Your life is more permanent than your struggles

2. God sees you differently than you see yourself.

3. You have a destiny

4. You are remembered not forgotten.

5. You are someone's first pick.

6. Your absence would leave a permanent hole.

7. People need to see you overcome.

8. You are loved and valued.

Be blessed as you download it and read.


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