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Keep Pressing

Recently I wanted to give up on something that I had been waiting for for years. I became tired, weary and just plain fed up. I am sure you have felt that way. No scripture, worship song or anything spiritual could appease me.

I had discussions with God, I told him what he said in his word. Some of what I said I would not put in this blog but basically I had to go back and repent. I am sure you have been there to.

Then after many years the thing I had been waiting for popped up out of the blue. I was stunned. If you have not had to wait on something then this blog is not for you but if you are waiting on something to take place in your life and you are on the verge of giving up. DON'T. Keep praying and keep pushing.

Keep your heart right before God, remind him of what HE said in his word. At the same time examine your heart on a daily basis. Keep your heart clear before God because this thing you are waiting for is a transaction between you and HIM and no one else.

Remain focused. People will come with all kinds of advice but keep what God promised you first and foremost in your mind and heart because they are not you and they certainly are not God. They do not know how the shoe you are wearing is affectingly you and at times it is difficult to articulate how your situation is affecting you.

There is only one person who knows you better than you know your self and that is your Heavenly Father so pour out your heart in all honesty and sincerity to him and he shall direct your path. When your situation is squeezing you don't tell people tell God. With that in mind do not ignore Godly and wise counsel from people who are mature and who you trust. God can and will certainly use them to bring a word to you but choose carefully.

If you make mistakes along the way repent and keep moving. If you fall down seven times get up each time, dust yourself off, get back into the press and PUSH.


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