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Don’t shrink yourself to fit into small spaces! It’s time to change your shoes.

How often have you hidden your gift or shrunk who you are to fit in with the people around you? I know I have, and it’s painful. It’s like trying to put on a shoe that’s too small for my feet….. it hurts, it’s tedious, time-consuming, and painful. I wore these “shoes” for years, and my “feet” were angry with me.  It was time to get out of that enclosure and where shoes that allowed my feet to breathe and walk comfortably. What a metaphor, and what am I trying to say?

Well, it's time to change your circle. If you cannot let your light/gift shine in the circle you are currently in, then it’s time to find a new circle. Your current circle may not appreciate your gift/ talent/ the new you, so it’s time to find a circle that does. Shrinking to please does your God-given gift a disservice and dishonours what God created you to be. It’s time to change your shoes so you can walk into the destiny God has already prepared for you. Don’t shrink to fit, but rise so you can shine. 


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