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Practise Kindness in 2023

I have always appreciated acts of kindness towards myself, and I genuinely appreciate people who demonstrate acts of kindness towards others. It just does something to my heart.

Sadly kindness is a quality that is lacking in today's world. Kindness does not have to be on a grand scale, but it can be demonstrated in the little things. For example, a smile, saying please and thank you, and showing appreciation to someone. Thank you cards, giving positive comments on social media posts, a quick text to some to say, “I am praying for you, or I am thinking of you or is there anything I can do to brighten your day.

Life has become more challenging for so many people, and going out of our to demonstrate kindness towards them can go a long way to lift their spirits and encourage them.

Thought: What small act of kindness can you show to someone to let someone know they are appreciated?


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