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Book Review: "Everything" by Janine Cummings

  1. Janine describes her desperation to holding on to a relationship that was not working and how she was willing to lower herself to become whatever "everything" wanted in order to keep him.

  2. Its the story of a woman who also experienced redemption because after losing the love of "everything" she found HIS  love, the love of God. I really commend Janine for wearing her heart on her sleeves  and would recommend this book  as a great read, as it demonstrates the process of a woman finding herself and her identity after the loss of  "everything" Take a moment to check out the links below: To purchase Janine's Book CLICK HERE To Join Tammy Donaldson's book club CLICK HERE Subscribe to my youtube channel CLICK HERE Sign up to my mailing list CLICK HERE Book a FREE 15 minute coaching discovery call with me CLICK HERE


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