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How to Forgive Yourself ~ Letting Go of the Past Part 2 

  1. Realise that you are not perfect.

  2. Do not dwell on past mistakes. The key word here is dwell because dwelling on the past strips you from living in the present. Your life becomes stagnant.

  3. Plan for a bright future today by not being stiffed by the past.

  4. Investigate your past choices. What emotional triggers do you have? Investigate how your emotions during the event that led up to the incident that caused you to not be able to forgive yourself. What were your feelings? It is important to realise that forgiving yourself is crucial to enjoying a bright future. The chain of guilt shame and embarrassment can weight heavy on your spirit and emotions. You deserve better and you deserve to be free of this weight. Do not let anyone keep you bound to your past because you do deserve to experience freedom and liberty in Jesus. Take a moment to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you forgive yourself.


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